I'm  very happy to announce that I may well soon be a millionaire.  On  a recent Florida state lottery, I had none of the six required numbers. But I realized that I really intended to pick the six winning numbers. The reason my card did not show the winning numbers is because I was confused by the format of the lottery card.

I have retained a lawyer and will be filing a lawsuit against the State of Florida seeking my rightful share of the lottery winnings.  I have been wrongfully disenfranchised from these proceeds. Given that our liberal brethren have been so wonderfully successful in evolving a mentality that no one in America makes mistakes let alone is responsible for them, I am confident I will prevail in this endeavor and soon become a millionaire.

Upon garnering my deserved winnings, I will host a wonderful party for all of you to attend and share in my windfall.  I will keep you posted on this process as it moves forward.